Guillermo Figueroa Mesa

WordPress and Shopify Enthusiast
Looking for my next challenge!

Guillermo Figueroa Mesa

About me

I'm Guille, I have a background as a developer for more than 15 years with experience in Desktop, Mobile and Web development. I consider myself self-taught learning fast, well organized, creative, highly motivated and positive, persistent, responsible, reliable. I have skills to work independently and as a member of a team, always with the premise of meeting the needs of the project.

You can find me in Montevideo, sailing near to `La Rambla`

Experience with

The skill in the following list are from the most recent years and personally my strongest skill is the commitment to solve the puzzle I have in front, not matter the language or the technology.

  • Shopify/Liquid
  • WordPress/Plugins/Themes
  • JS/React/Vue.js/Node
  • CEO/PM/Lead

I love challenges, learning new skills, sharing my knowledge, motivating the team where I belong, and teaching juniors to become better developers and persons. Let’s connect and chat more about my journey!

My journey

The latest Companies where I worked as a freelancer or in a full-time position, in both cases, I always learned most as possible, enjoyed the experience, and made new friends!


I founded Scalater as a Development Agency in 2020, it becomes an agency with more services that are covered by excellent professionals. Currently, we offer Marketing, Web Audit, Consulting, and Outsourcing. I'm running the Development service where I cover different positions from planning projects end2end, code, or helping the team ensure the quality and performance we always want to deliver to our clients.


At ThemeKraft I started working as a Developer supporting the plugin WooBuddy and grew until I became the CTO, leading our Development, Marketing, and QA team. The time was small, with enormous ideas that we made into reality. I execute each phase of the life cycle of WordPress Products, from Product Idea, POC, MVP, Product Release, Marketing, Grow Strategy, Support, Development, QA Automatic, Releases, DevOps and more.


At Oktana I grow as a Backend Developer. I joined them as a PHP specialist but based on my background; I filled a position for one of their clients where dominating different technologies was a keystone. The final client is a prominent CDN provider; I helped them to maintain some integration they had in their repo for C#, PHP, Node, React and Ruby.


The place where I fall in love Jam3. From my personal experience, it's the best place to work in Uruguay if you want to learn and jump to the next level. I started as a backend developer for WordPress and I did Node.js backends for chatbots. I learned a lot from the best; they always work for top clients with edge technologies.

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If you are not sure about how I can help you with, or you have an idea but it's not clear how to take off, then book a free call with me, together we could find a solution and a win=win situation for both.

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